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  • Example of a few of the items we are gifted last summer! 
  • Below is the July 26th 2014 Hampton Gift Bag!

Proud to partner with ARI. Providing ARI the opportunity to join us in packing our bags for the 2014 season.

Books below are a sampling from 2013 Hampton Gift Bags. 


Mary Margrill & Diane Biancamano at the 10th Anniversary celebration at the Kathryn Markel Gallery

"Jane, Just wanted to say thanks again for the gift bag! Amazing!" 
"Aren't you wonderful"

Goodie Bag Testimonials...and a few "Gift Bag Groupies" as well!

The bags were great!! I am so happy we were able to be a part of this!"

"The gift bag is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to try all of the products. Thanks so much!"

"Wonderful, thank you!  

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On Sept 22, 2011--Jane Ubell-Meyer celebrated 10 years! Madison & Mulholland's Anniversary Party. 1. Floral Arrangement: Nancy Swiezy Events.  2.Jane Ubell-Meyer w/ Jerry Cohen   3. Jane w/ Dr. Tracy Pfeifer 


Due to Limited Quantities Only One Gift Bag Per Person. In return for the gift bag, you are giving our sponsors permission to connect with you. You can always opt-out if you choose not to receive more gifts. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for the gift cards and their expiration dates nor the products. We are simply trying to provide you with a fun gift bag!